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14 Genius Money Making Ideas For 2019 (How About $200/Mo?)


Fact: Time flies and a lot of us are looking for some money making ideas to help us make extra on the side.


Meaning, it’s time to evaluate your progress so far. Are you on your way to meeting your financial goals for the year?

Maybe you’re looking to save $1,000 for that emergency fund (which, by the way, would get you in a better financial spot than two-thirds of Americans!).

Perhaps you’re trying to get out of debt. Or want to do something else.

Whatever the reason, let’s make strides now so by the end of 2019 you’re well on your way to achieving your financial dreams.

In this post, you'll learn the simplest, easiest money making ideas you can do. These ideas are bucketed into three categories based on difficulty level:

  • Easy ideas: Ideas you can implement now and make some money (i.e., easy wins, easy money)
  • Medium ideas: Relatively easy, more money <– one idea makes me over $10,000/mo
  • Challenging ideas: Long term targets, more passive money (i.e., ideas that will generate you money in when you're asleep)

I highly suggest you read from the start (i.e., easy ideas). Don't skip. You might even fast actionable ways to make $500 fast.

The more “easy money making ideas” you do, the more money you can use for more long-term, challenging ideas, which will generate you more money forever.


14 Genius Money Making Ideas For 2019 (How About $200/Mo?) 

If you were to start some money making schemes, what would they be? To tell you the truth, there are a ton of ideas or online jobs that pay you to make money from home. Some are easy to do and some are not.

Here are 14 genius money making ideas for 2019 that can help you work from home and/or earn you money for good.

Easy Ideas

Easy wins are money making ideas from home that can help you generate money quickly, but it's not a whole lot of money. This doesn't mean you shouldn't try them.

Remember, these are ideas to help you make money fast today:

The quick money you make here can help you put more towards the medium and challenging ideas. Let's say these wins are your baby step towards the bigger pot of money. After all, almost everything in this section are FREE to use.

1. Answer a few surveys

Did you know that 44 million Americans have a side hustle?

Taking online surveys for cash is one of the many side hustles that my wife and I have done to earn extra money, and Survey Junkie and Survey Club our two of our favorites.

Do you have a social media account? Do you buy groceries? Do you eat out? These are just some of the questions from surveys. Quite easy if you ask me.

Survey Junkie

Using Survey Junkie is one of the best money making ideas online that simply lets you share your thoughts for cash.

It's been used by over 6,000,000 members – a testament of how good Survey Junkie really is. Click here for the Survey Junkie review.

In less than a minute, you can literally gain full access to what Survey Junkie offers. Just use your Facebook and you are good to go.

Once you reach 1,000 points, equivalent to $10, you can cash out your money. Since most surveys pay out between 400 and 700 points, it's not hard to reach that threshold.

Click here to start using Survey Junkie for FREE.


SurveyClub offers the latest and highest paying research, product test, focus groups, clinical trials, and survey opportunities.

It's by far one of the most generous paying sites out there.

Here's the thing:

Current surveys pay between $3 and $115 per survey.

Who doesn't like that, right?

What do I really like about this platform? The ability to join several survey panels! More surveys equal more chances to earn.

Click here to start using Survey Club to make money fast today.


money making ideas

2. Do what you normally do

What if I told you could earn money for what you normally do, like watching videos?

You can get paid just by doing your normal routine. As simple as that!

This gig is one of those money making opportunities that people tend to overlook. Please don't.

Here is a site where you get paid to do your own thing with no restrictions:


Swagbucks makes our list of money making ideas from home because it’s one of only a few sites that can help you earn money by watching videos, taking paid surveys, and just about anything you do online.

Swagbucks pays up to $35 per survey. That's per survey, and that's only for a few minutes or so.

If that's not generous, I'm not sure what to call it then! There's more.

You can get free money or make money or earn gift cards by browsing, watching videos, playing games, and doing almost everything else you normally do.


I'm using its search engine right now, and I'm banking on points, which I will later claim for gift cards or cash.

Click here to start with Swagbucks for FREE and receive a $5 bonus when you sign up.


3. Find free money through text

Next on our list of money making ideas is using Charlie.

Charlie is a text-based AI assistant. You ask Charlie questions about your personal finances, and it answers.

It also does all your balance-monitoring, number-crunching, and other burdensome budgeting chores, so you don’t have to!

As if it couldn’t get better, Charlie continuously monitors your transactions, finding you ways to save money, cut expenses, and understand your spending.

All the work is done for you, making Charlie one of my favorite creative ways to make money. You could even make $1000 fast or more in one year because of the savings you'd get each month from not having extra bills.

Click here to start using Charlie.


4. Get your bank and credit cards fees, refunded

With 21% of working Americans having zero in their savings accounts, getting bank and credit cards fees refunded could help get you some cash back in your wallet!

Similar to Trim, that negotiates your bills from cable/mobile companies, Cushion works with banks on your behalf.

It helps you get your money back from silly charges like overdraft fees, wire transfer fees, foreign transaction fees, minimum balance fees, and more.

Fees cushion will negotiate for you including ATM fees, monthly services fees, overdraft fees, withdrawal limit fees, wire fees, late fees, and interest charges.

Click here to start using Cushion.


Medium Ideas

Remember I told you that you could use your small wins towards these. There's a reason that I said that.

Most of the ideas in the medium wins require you to shell out money.

Believe it or not, that's exactly what I did. Now, one of these side hustles make me over $10,000/mo.

I used up all my earnings from the easy ones to start and generate flowing cash from the below money making ideas. These ideas have never stopped generating money for me.

5. Start a Blog

Imagine you only make $200/mo on the easy money making ideas. Well, that's more than enough to start a blog. 

For me, blogging turned out to be an awesome money-making side hustle. I could literally sell my blog for upper $500,000 now (and it's only 3 years old), but I won't because I see a future of making 20 times over than in a couple of years. 

You don’t have to be experienced or rich to run a profitable blog.

I got my start a little over two years ago and now make more than $10,000/mo, and spend no more than 5 hours/mo on it.

Heck, if you do well enough (some bloggers earn more than $100,000/mo!), you could even join the 55% of remote workers working full-time in America.  

Click here to start using Bluehost for just $2.95/mo (my negotiated rate).


money making ideas

6. Invest your cents

Let's say, you didn't get as much money from your easy wins. Don't worry, you could still turn those into thousands.

You could invest that. Literally, you could invest as low as cents.

People think you need a lot or at least a certain amount of money to begin investing.

That's not true. Apps like Acorns will help you invest your cents.

The app monitors your daily purchases and takes the spare change after rounding up and invests it into one of five different portfolios that you can choose on.

Here's the reality:

After seven months on Acorns, depending on your purchases and referrals, you could potentially earn $2,400 with a 12.5% rate of return (that’s what happened to me!). That's based on my personal experience.

Now that’s how to make extra money fast. And as time goes on, this just keeps adding up, without you even having to think about it.

Click here to start investing with Acorns and get a FREE $5 for signing up!


Challenging Ideas

Now, the fun has just started. When you've finally generate some money from your easy and medium ideas, you can now feel more confident to move on to the challenging ideas. That's because you have extra money to spare now.

But, of course, if you have money to begin with, you can skip those two (though I highly recommend you not), and go here.

7. Try peer-to-peer lending

Looking for passive income ideas to add to your portfolio?

Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending might be for you.

The cool thing about P2P lending is that it allows you to lend out money to peers in the forms of personal loans, similar to what banks do.

The best part?

Now with sites like Lending Club you can open an account and start your residual income venture today.

Lending Club

Largest, beginner friendly peer-to-peer lending group. Whether you are trying to refinance or loan money, Lending Club can help you make money entirely passively.

Lenders have earned an average return of 9.65% since June 2015.

The platform also allows you to make investments semi-automatically, so you don’t continually have to monitor your investor or reinvest returns.

Click to get started with Lending Club today!


8. Invest in real estate crowdfunding

Now, your next step is to invest your hard-earned, free money towards real estate without you having to buy a property and maintaining it and still get a nice chunk of returns.

Remember, real estate is a popular moneymaker for many. It should be for you, too.

I'm not talking about investing thousands of money. I'm talking about the few hundreds you made from your easy and medium money making ideas.

I'm talking about investing in Fundrise.

Fundrise is a real estate crowdfunding investment platform that can help you get started right away. Historically, Fundrise investors have seen 8.7 – 12.4% annual returns.

Here's the real deal:

You just need a minimum investment of $500 to invest in either or both types of real estate investment trusts, one for immediate income and the other for growth.

After that, you are good to go.

Click here to start investing with Fundrise.


From Easy to Challenging Ideas

Here are some more money making ideas from easy to challenging that could help you generate more money. The more ideas you take advantage of, the better chance you'd get more money. After all, most of these ideas are free to use.

So, why not try to use them, right?

9. Get cash back for shopping

If you are going to spend money on just about anything, then, might as well get money fast for doing it, right?

Now, there are cash back apps to help you get your money back automatically without having to even lift a single finger.

The best part?

You'll get cash back for almost any purchases you've made online and offline. Did I mention you can use these apps for FREE?

Here are a few cash back apps that offer free money today, rewards, and so much more:

  • Drop: Get cash rewards for whatever you spend on every day online and offline. You never have to look at which sites have coupons and deals.
  • EBates: Get up to 40% in cash back online plus $10 sign-up bonus.
  • Affinity: Get up to 30% – 40% in cash back online plus $20 sign-up bonus.


10. Automate your savings for good

Next on our list of money making ideas is using Trim.

If there's one out of many money making tips I can share that you land you with big savings, it is using Trim app.

Trim analyzes your accounts and determines where you can save by canceling subscriptions for you, setting aside an amount of money in your savings, and finding cash back and refunds for you.

What makes app unique is its ability to renegotiate contracts for better deals.

With Trim, you can have your spending monitored and then have those expenses you don't need cut out of your budget once and for all.

As simple as that!

Maybe it's magazine subscriptions you don't need or overspending on expensive groceries and cosmetics.

Wherever you need to save, Trim will help you to do so.

Save time and money. Try Trim now!


money making ideas

11. Use money-making apps

Did you know that making extra money fast could be as easy as downloading an app?

Yes, there truly is an app for that. Many apps, to be honest.

These apps are free and typically easy to use, so download a few today:

  • Ibotta: A free mobile coupon and cash-back shopping app for most Android and iOS devices. You can earn cash back on select products by performing an easy task, purchasing a product, then providing proof of purchase.
  • Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel: Want a shot at $10,000? Install Nielsen, and let it run in the background. Plus, Nielsen pays $50/year to keep its app installed on a device.
  • Shoptracker: Get rewarded for two minutes of your free time – and keep getting rewarded month after month! Make $3/mo again and again. Not a lot, but it's better than nothing.
  • eBates: You get automatic extra cash back for shopping online. eBates gives you 2-10% cash back. Sometimes, it will double the cash back.


12. Flip things for a profit

Did you know that the rarest of band t-shirts can resell for thousands of dollars!?

I'm not kidding!

And it doesn’t end at old band t-shirts. You can make really good money for a variety of things that are just sitting in your closet!

If you are looking for fast money ideas, then, flipping things for a profit is a definite must.

Here are some other creative ways on how to make money flipping your things for a profit.


money making ideas

13. Read Emails

Last but not least on our money making ideas list is reading emails for money.

Yes, that’s right! You can read emails to make money.

Sign up with Vindale Research to be an email reader and grab some extra spending cash in a quick and easy manner.

It's that simple – it doesn't get any better than that.


I have made over $1,100 with Vindale between taking surveys, watching videos, and referring people.

Scared that it's a scam?

Just look at my payout (image above). Actually, Vindale is used by top companies such as Volkswagen, Nike, Samsung, Amazon, Disney, Netflix, and Starbucks.

Click here to start using Vindale Research. It's one of those easy money making ideas you wish you knew before.


14. Be a virtual assistant

So, you use the internet and do almost everything on the net.

Why not take a side hustle helping people with some simple tasks.

That's where virtual assistance comes in. Actually, it's a very lucrative and in-demand job.

As a virtual assistant, you send emails, make phone calls, create reports, and other tasks that your online boos have you do.

It's a lot like a secretarial job but an online version.


Final thoughts:

Whether you have big goals, small goals or something in between, making some extra cash to reach those goals can never hurt!

Whatever your reason for wanting to make a few extra bucks, committing 1-2 hours a week to money making ideas from home can add up.

Don’t wait any longer. Before you know it, it’ll be December!

These great ideas to make money aren't open all year long. It's best if you sign up for as many as you can. This way, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Have you ever tried any of these money making ideas? What’s your favorite?

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